Chief executive officer of Raw Fitness, Justin Blum’s growing wellness empire continues to impact and transform thousands of people’s lives for the better. Born and raised from a humble beginning in Las Vegas, Justin built his business around helping others live their best and most healthy lives through discipline, commitment, fitness and exercise. Justin’s business model, fueled by providing a like-minded and judgement-free community, quickly attracted the masses, leading to the opening of six additional locations within a short seven-year time span.

Justin believes there needs to be a one stop place for health and fitness with all the resources to create positive lifestyle changes, throughout the mind and body. Raw Fitness was created on the foundation to provide a safe and encouraging place for people pursuing their goals. No matter where you are, Raw Fitness can take you to where you want to be, every step of the way.

Today, after countless success stories, tens of thousands of pounds lost, lives improved both mind and body, Raw Fitness’ unique culture of community is available for franchise to help expand the power of transformation nationwide.


  • Location / lease review assistance
  • Construction / layout assistance
  • Marketing systems and solutions
  • Management training for staff
  • Dedicated online support
  • Hands on personal support
  • Educational guidance for nutritional coaching
  • In-person support

Core Values

Our Core Values are an essential part of this company and play a big part in our decision making to ensure a continued growth and success for everyone involved.

  • Respect, listen and value others
  • Growth and education
  • Success of spreading the Raw Fitness philosophy
  • Genuine passion for our industry and success for our Raw Fitness family
  • To provide an unmatched and meaningful experience for all members and staff
  • Community

Raw Results/ Members

Our Raw Fitness members are our mission. The most important part of our business is the results they achieve and the community we provide for them.

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